..Class Shop..

Teaching money can be a difficult thing.. so we decided to set up a class shop and experience money first hand. We split up into two groups – Shop Keepers and Customers. We set up our classroom into mini shops and practiced making correct money and making change. It was great to see everyone get so excited about money and practicing real life skills. Have a look at our shops 🙂


..Easter Fun..

Just before Easter, we decided to use some natural materials to recreate the Easter Bunny!! We went outside and collected tools from around the garden to help us remake our cuddly chocolate bunny. Here are some of the beautiful creations we made:



We love doing STEM activities in 1P. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Each activitiy requires us to work in a team to solve a problem while thinking outside the box. We had a go at building a raft out of pop sticks and tape what would hold 15 or more coins. Take a look at how we went:


..Whats the Time..

Telling the time can be a difficult thing to do.. and teach!! So we decided to have a little bit of fun when learning how to draw the time to the hour on an analogue clock and take advantage of a beautiful Summer day! Have a look at how we went:


..Chinese New Year..

Earlier on the year we celebrated Chinese New Year. We all wore red and participated in some awesome activities school wide to help bring in the new year with a bang!! We participated in the school parade and also got the chance to paint and write our Chinese Animals. Take a look!


..our story so far..

What a fantastic start to the year we have had in 1P. We have been busy learning about all sorts of new and exiting things from our Inquiry unit, “Then and Now”, to writing our own narratives and even making shape pizza!! Every day is another chance to try something different and learn something new. Who knows whats around the corner, the sky really is the limit. We have also been making new friends along the way. We have had a go being engineers and created our very own water card towers during our STEM sessions!! We have made pizzas with shape toppings and counted how many edges each shape/pizza has to see how much it is worth. We have also been using different materials to practice our reading, writing, comprehension and spelling during our reading rotations. Here is our beautiful, engaging classroom: