November 29

Friends of TEN

1P has really enjoyed playing ‘Friends of TEN’, and it is a highlight of the day at home time to see if I can challenge them with more difficult numbers!

I have an app on my phone that I personally ‘love’ to play, and thought the kids might like to put on their devices at home.

It’s called “TENS” and here are a few screen grabs of the App so that you can find it.



November 29

** FUN RUN **

What a sporting week we’ve had!

Today was the fun run, and the weather in the morning wasn’t looking too kind. However, the rain held off and we were able to complete our 3 laps with enthusiasm.  Well done to all of our runners, and a special mention to Cienna who was out class official photographer.

November 13


We have been using directed drawing during our Inquiry Time and have been drawing many sea creatures. The children have loved this activity and many have asked for the information to be able to do it at home! There are many benefits gained from directed drawing including, penmanship, fine motor skills, resilience and concentration.

I use a specific You Tube Channel called “Art for Kids Hub.”  It features a Dad and his son and he uses a marker and directs the child with simple instructions to create a specific drawing.  There are many different types of drawings available to choose from.

Here are some example of what we have been doing.


November 11

Melbourne Aquarium Excursion

1P had a fantastic time at the Aquarium last week. We saw many animals that we have been learning about including, sharks, seahorses, puffer fish, clown fish, coral, turtles, and many more.


We learned that lion fish and eels cover themselves in a mucas (or as our guide told us – snot) to protect themselves. We watched Mitchell, the only grey nurse shark to be living in captivity in Victoria.



Emily was very excite to see the Unicorn fish that she’s been learning about.  

Jackson enjoyed watching the keeper feed the Port Jackson sharks and we got to hold one of its eggs. They look like a big spiral and the mother shark uses her nose to screw the egg into the sand so that predators think its seaweed and hopefully the egg will survive.


The stingrays were massive and we enjoyed looking at their smiles and watching their gills and they swam over the top of us.


Everyone enjoyed the penguins and were wishing that Reece was with us to enjoy watching them.  We found out that penguins poop 17 times per hour!!!



The 4D movie was a highlight.


October 27

*** Robotic Crabs ***

This week 1P were so excited in our STEM lesson to create robotic crabs. This lesson tied in with our ‘Under the Waves’ Inquiry unit where the children worked in teams of 3 to produce walking/dancing crabs.  The students created their groups, thinking about the skills each student could bring to the group with the focus of working collaboratively together. It was lovely to see the ‘teamwork’ and ‘problem solving’ occurring, and through trial and error all groups produced a robotic crab.

The children decorated their crabs, were assisted to connect the small motor to the battery pack and attaching the pack to their crab.  However, no instruction was provided on how to make the batteries work.  The children learnt through trial and error that there is a correct way to place the batteries in.  They also made adjustments along the way to the peg that provided the ‘off-balance’ motion that is required to make the crabs move.

I hope you enjoy the photos attached as much as the children enjoyed making them.  The squeals of delight was infectious and so wonderful to see.

October 24


We have been working hard on looking after our bodies and our minds. 1P has been practising relaxing our muscles and our minds so that we can be ‘good learners!’  We have also been bucket filling. This is where we compliment others on the fantastic things they have been achieving throughout the week.



October 24

Leo the Lion!!

This term, Leo the Lion will be visiting everyone’s house to sleepover and have some fun for 2 nights. He’s having a lot of fun exploring everyone’s homes and enjoying different activities on his adventures. On the holidays he played outside at Mrs Wells’ house and enjoyed a bike ride with her family.