..Hands On Science..

Last week we had Jenelle from Hands On Science visit us and we had so much fun!! Jenelle set up some awesome experiments for us to do that were all about our new inquiry unit, “Look! Listen!”. We learnt so much and really enjoyed our sessions. Have a look at what we got up to:

..Science Experiments..

We have started our new inquiry unit, Look! Listen! We are going to be learning about what makes sound and what makes light.

But before we started our new unit, we got to make SLIME!!! We talked about what if it was a solid or if it was a liquid. It was really interesting to see what people thought!

..Literacy Festival Visitors..

During our school’s Literacy Festival, our school had some AMAZING special visitors come and spend some time with us. They spoke about what it is like to be an author or an illustrator and showed us some of the process that they go through when making their fabulous books. First we had Mr. Carthew sing songs, read books and show us how he picked his front covers of his books.

Next we had Mitch Vane show us how she turns a normal picture into something extraordinary.

Last, we had Hazel Edwards who…

..Book Week Dress Up..

This week we celebrated all things books! We started our week by dressing up as characters from our favourite books. Throughout the week, we have been celebrating different authors and illustrators. Mrs Perfect wrapped 5 books up and each day, we unwrapped a new book for the classroom. We have enjoyed learning and reading different stories and having a look at how they are different. Have a look at our colourful week: